My Story

Michael House who is known to the people who dance and groove to his music mixes as DJ MH2da, is a premier DJ who knows how to seamlessly take you to the next level thorough music. He has been doing his thing on the 1’s and 2’s for 10 years. Fighting through personal hardships he knew he needed to find an outlet, it was then that MH2DA knew that he had found the peace he needed on the turntables. He has spun in some of the hottest spots in Chicago such as Excalibur, Riff, Velvet Lounge, Dolphin, and Hearts just to name a few. Born and raised in Chicago he is branded as "The Pride of The Eastside". In 2008 MH2DA became a part of the Soul Selector DJ crew; this is a crew of 120 members. The Soul Selector crew is headed by DJ World and DJ Lee Farmer and recently presented MH2da with an executive role in the soul selector crew where he organizes events as well as recruit djs . He has also been named the official DJ of Urban Grind TV an award winning music television program that's known for launching the careers of some of chicago most notable artist. MH2da also is the official DJ for (AFAM) Advocates For Adolescent Mothers, an organization committed to empowering young mothers and Fashion Wars. Fashion Wars is a new kind of fashion show, pitting stylists against each other in a competition to see who has the better eye for fashion. Recently with long time friend and co-host Kenneth "The inner voice of the people" Ray the dual created the Open-Mike show which is a web based talk show where the two talk about "EVERYTHING". Along with mix tapes, mixes, guest starring on internet based radio shows MH2da isn't just committed to getting you out of your seat to dance, he is just as committed to helping people live better and learn better through his passion... Music!